Owner Loes Kok started with a screen printing shop in 1998, which mainly focussed on reproducing art for art sales. Her former company “Untitled” expanded and also started to frame art. After that a digital print shop and art gallery followed. Loes has worked with many well-known artists, like among many more: Herman Brood, Jeroen Buitenman, Marcel Wanders and Robert Whitaker.

In 2008 Loes started the company “Bull Creative” with which she went down a new road. Before that everything revolved around art. After that the main focus was placed on ART, DESIGN and PRINTING for OFFICES, SHOPS and HOMES. We work with companies which want to strengthen their identity by visualising that in and around their buildings. For example by completely covering a wall in their on design. Very impressive, especially with big sizes. This can also express itself in visuals printed on glass, acrylate, aluminium, wood, etcetera. The possibilities are endless! Are you curious what this would look like? Be sure to take a look at our portfolio on this website or Instagram!

We make customised designs, based on the wishes of the customer and the identity of their brand. We are strong when it comes to concepts, love to think along, offer excellent service and work exclusively with materials of the highest quality.

Besides that Bull Creative still offers a very large and unique collection of artwork. Plus takes care of the legacy of Herman Brood and produces all reproductions for Jeroen Buitenman.

Our Team